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Elite Accounting Solutions’ online tax return services is available to all taxpayers across Australia.We are offering an alternative to those people who find it difficult to make time for an office appointment. You can complete your tax return in your own time and space with the full support from our team. Our online tax return questionnaire covers usual face-to-face tax return interviews. It is an easy, affordable and express online tax return service.




Ready to Start your Tax Return online?                                       


Before you begin, we highly recommend that you read the contents of this page

to understand the process and how it works.


The Process


1. Begin your Online Tax Return by first creating an account - simply click here.


Create your account by providing your valid tax file number (TFN) and contact details,

such as an active email address, telephone number, home and postal address.


2. Prepare your Online Tax Return


Step 1. Choose the year of the Tax Return you intend on completing.

Online Tax Return system starts from the tax year 2009. If you would like to prepare

any tax returns prior to 2009 please contact this office, we can come to you to

prepare prior to 2009).


Step 2. Complete the online questionaire - this customises your Online Tax Return so you will only have to fill in the items that relate to you, saving you time and making your Tax Return easier.


Step 3. Fill in your Online Tax Return details - simply enter your income and deductions in the relevant sections. Please also note our Online Tax Return system has a self help function so if you need further information about an area in the Tax Return simply click the item number to the left of the item you want information on and a screen will show up with further information.


In addition, our Online Tax Return system calculates your tax refund as you enter your details so you can get a 'live estimate' of what you are entitled to refund.


Don't worry if you make mistakes or are unsure of anything. Our powerful validation system checks your return for errors as you proceed. In addition, our fully qualified tax agents review all Online Tax Returns when they come through our system so if you have made any errors we will fix and update your Tax Return. Alternatively, please leave a message using our inbuilt messaging system.


Our Online Tax Return system allows you to save your data and come back to it at a later date so don't worry if you have forgotten something or can not finish the tax return there and then.


Step 4. Once you have completed your Online Tax Return simply click finish and follow the prompts


3. Payment and lodgement of the tax return


Upon finishing your Online Tax Return simply finalise your account by choosing one of our payment methods on the system (Pay by Visa or Mastercard, or bank transfer). Please click here to find out more about our pricing options before you commence. Once payment is made and your tax return has been reviewed by us, you will then be directed to sign your Tax Return (using your mouse/keyboard). Once you have signed your Online Tax Return we will lodge it electronically with the Australian Taxation office (ATO) - usually within 1 to 2 days if we require no further information from you.


4. Refunds


Your return then will be processed and your refund transferred to your nominated account by the Tax Office within 14 days of lodgment.


What if your tax return is more complex?


If your tax return is more complex or you simply don't feel confident completing the tax return by yourself, please contact our office, we can help you by other options.

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