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In Australia, there are over 1 million people who have made the step to

control their own super and setup their own Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).

The Self-Managed Super option is no flash in the pan; the sector now represents

a combined asset value in excess of $550 billion.

The reasons for this are numerous, but we find control is the number one driver; control over

investment decisions; control over asset allocation; control over fees and control over assets.

Australians wanting to take advantage of tax strategies that are not available in retail funds is also

a major factor for setting up an SMSF. For some clients, there are also opportunities to leverage a SMSF for both business and personal advantage. For example, for our medical and small-medium business clients, it can be a tax-effective option to purchase their consulting rooms or business premises through a SMSF, then effectively pay rent to themselves to fund their retirment.

Our SMSF advisors are on hand to assist with SMSF administration services be it setting up a new fund or taking over an existing one. We also assist with pensions and limited recourse borrowing, providing documentation, portfolio management, consulting and ongoing technical support to all clients.

Our services include:

  • SMSF setup services

We can help you set up a new SMSF - our SMSF package includes a trust deed, minutes, pro forma binding death benefit nomination forms, product disclosure statement as well as an indexed superannuation folder.

Our Trust Deeds are drafted to provide maximum flexibility, while complying with all prevailing superannuation laws. Using our set-up service will ensure that your new self managed superfund is up and running as soon as possible without any fuss.

  • SMSF accounting and tax services (year-end compliance and reporting)

All SMSFs trustees are required to have financial statements prepared, lodge income tax & regulatory return and other relevant statements with the Australian Taxation Office each year.

The trustee must all ensure the SMSF is audited each year by an approved auditor. We can provide you with all of the above services, which includes the compilation of a full set of financial statements, preparing the income tax & regulatory return, other relevant statements and audit of your Self Managed Super Fund.

  • Other SMSF services

In addition to fund accounting and tax services, and fund set-up services, we also provide other services to assist trustees of SMSF. They include:

  • Advisory services

  • Fund statutory services

  • Documentation services

  • Winding-up services

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